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New Patch Launching Today and Patch Notes

Fellow Command & Conquer fans,
Today we’ll be launching our second major update for the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection.
As I’ve been sharing with you over the past month via our Beta Patch updates, this Patch focuses on the following items:
  1. LAN Play
  2. Balance adjustments to address several key issues
  3. Incorporating community maps as official Quickmatch maps
  4. Dozens of QoL improvements and bug fixes across the board
  5. Upcoming Quickmatch leaderboard reset
Below you will find the full list of Patch Notes for this update. Note: the Quickmatch changes will likely go into effect a few hours after the Patch goes live. But before we get too deep into the detailed list, let me provide context on each of the key items in this patch.
LAN Play:
As requested by the community over the course of the project, this update includes our official implementation of LAN Play. LAN Play allows players to enjoy Mod content in multiplayer, and should be an evergreen way to enjoy multiplayer far into the future. We did our best to test this feature amongst the Covid situation during development, along with attempting to get feedback from the community via Beta patches. But given the variety of ways people could play over VPN and with Mods, we expect there still to be some quirks in the system. Please continue to provide feedback so we can make any refinements going forward.
Balance Adjustments:
Over the past several weeks we’ve been collaborating with the community to tackle a few key balance items in the game. To see further context for these adjustments and read the full community discussion, please refer to my previous post here.
Community Maps:
A few weeks ago we announced the initiative of incorporating community made content into the actual game update so they can be officially utilized in Multiplayer and Quickmatch. We have decided to keep the first batch of Community maps as revealed, but have also made a few adjustments of the previous maps based on community feedback. The full details of these maps can be seen in the patch notes below.
Quickmatch Leaderboard Reset:
As mentioned in my previous post, we are getting ready to reset the Quickmatch ladder to get a fresh start on all these Quickmatch changes. This reset will likely happen in the next 48 hours if the patch launch here goes smoothly. In addition, one new feature of this patch is the ability to view the Leaderboard results of previous seasons (which should take a snapshot of the final results of this first season).
However, on this note I wanted to address a key topic with the leaderboard. We’ve seen reports, evidence, and even people admitting about “boosting” their leaderboard rank with alternate accounts. We feel this breaks the ethics of the Quickmatch landscape and undermines the leaderboard system. Being part of the C&C community should be a positive and fair experience for all players. So here’s the deal, we’re going to give a pass on this previous season, but this behavior will not be acceptable after the leaderboard reset. I respectfully ask everyone to please engage in ethical play behavior going forward, and if you are not sure what that means, I think reading our Positive Play Charter is a good place to start.
Mod Compatibility:
I’ll then reiterate this message from our previous Patch Notes. Because this patch includes updates to the TiberianDawn.dll and RedAlert.dll files, it’s likely that some previous mods will no longer be compatible with this updated version of the game. Modders will need to update their mods with the latest code and refresh their mods on the Steam Workshop.
Once a mod has been updated on the Steam Workshop, players will need to follow a few steps to update and reactivate their mods:
Players may experience some issues if they try to activate mods which are not updated to the patch version.
Detailed Patch Notes:
With those items in mind, please see below for all the updates made in this patch:
New Features:
Quality of Life Improvements:
Bug Fixes:
Thanks to everyone who contributed their feedback during our Beta Patch process, and we hope this update improves your experience with the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection. Thanks for your ongoing support, and please continue to provide your feedback here on the subreddit, in social channels, and with our support teams.
Jim Vessella
* Hi everyone, we’ve noticed some online stability and performance issues since we launched the patch yesterday. Specifically, the game is freezing during certain matches or suffering from slowdown / lag on large scale maps on large scale maps. Over the past 24 hours the team has worked to identify areas which may have been causing these issues, and we just deployed a server hotfix in an attempt to improve these items. We’re going to monitor the game throughout the weekend and see if this hotfix improves the stability and performance. If we feel good after the weekend, then we’ll plan for the ladder reset early next week. Thanks for your patience and ongoing support, and looking forward to hearing everyone’s experience over the weekend.
*Hi everyone, we saw increased stability over the weekend and have officially reset the ladders as of Monday at 11:15 PDT. We're then continuing to investigate the input lag / framerate issue, but may have a lead thanks to some videos from the community. In the meantime, good luck in the new Season!
This [announcement] [roadmap] may change as we listen to community feedback and continue developing and evolving our Live Service & Content. We will always strive to keep our community as informed as possible.

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[OC] I tried writing up a short Jimmy Butler player breakdown:

Definitions and Terms I'll be using:
FULL LIST + EXPLANATIONS ON IMGUR: per 75, TS%, rTS%, ORTG, rORTG, PnR, PPP, AST%, Backpicks Passer Rating, Box Creation, PIPM, BPM, RAPTOR, RPM.

Jimmy Butler | "Jimmy G. Buckets"

In a nutshell: 30 y/o, Miami Heat SF/PF, 6-7, 230lb, All-NBA Candidate
2020 regular-season stats: 19.9/6.7/6.0/1.8/0.6 with 2.2 TOVs on 45.5/24.4/83.4 shooting splits (58.5 TS%), 58 games played
2020 postseason stats: 22.0/4.7/4.0/2.5/0.8 with 3.3 TOVs on 46.8/54.5/85.7 shooting splits (63.0 TS%), 6 games played
Nerd stats: 25.1% Usage, +6.4 On/Off, +3.54 PIPM (16th) , +6.1 RAPTOR (10th) , +4.1 BPM (Backpicks) (13th) , +5.4 BPM (BBRef) (9th) , +3.08 RPM (23rd) , +2.21 Luck-Adjusted RAPM (12th)

🟢 The Good:

  • 🟢 Efficient volume-scorer; "Jimmy G. Buckets, The 'G' stands for 'Gets'": 21.6 Points/75 on 58.5 TS% (+2.0 rTS%) in the regular-season, 23.8 Points/75 on 63.0 TS% (+5.7 rTS%) in the playoffs thus far
Butler finished the regular-season as Miami's leading scorer. He's highly resourceful at racking up points, utilising strength, speed, craft, handles, and deft touch in the paint to compensate for a jumper that deserts him on occasion. Per Basketball Index, Butler is in the 95th-percentile at off-ball movement and finishing among wings, and in the 93rd percentile for post-scoring.
Jimmy Buckets's scoring-breakdown by zone in the 2019-20 regular-season: (per
    • 38% of his shot attempts come in the restricted area, where he's finishing at an above-average rate for forwards (64 FG%)
    • 24% of his shot attempts come in the non-restricted area of the paint (a.k.a. "floater range"), where he's also scoring at above-average rate (43.4 FG%)
    • 22% of his shot attempts come from the midrange, where he's unfortunately shot at the 2nd-worst rate in the league (31.7 FG%)
    • 16% of his shot attempts come from 3, where he's shooting at the worst rate in the league (24.8 FG%)
Jimmy uses his strength/speed/footwork combination to bulldoze or finesse his way to the rim and finish through contact, capable of athletic finishes through multiple defenders.
To quote the great Evin Gualberto:
(Butler's) foundation is his phenomenal footwork. He’s got the poise and patience to pivot and pump, and twist, and then rip through and power to the paint. He can use his force or finish with finesse; he’ll go any way he needs in order to get to the basket, whether that’s under the defender, over, around, or even through them. He’s got the ability to hit from distance, his post game is pretty with the pristine pivoting he does, but he can also go full bully ball. Speaking of, he’s an absolute bull when he wants to get to the rim. He can score any kind of way, so as a defense, all you have to do is make him take the toughest shot possible…the only problem is, yeah, he can make those with worryingly regularity as well. He is Jimmy G Buckets after all, the G stands for gets.
In previous years, Jimmy has been a decent 3-point-shooter (36 3P% in the previous 3 seasons, on 3.2 3PA/game) and has generally shot in the high 30s from midrange, which isn't fantastic but is still a value-add to his versatility as a scorer.
In the playoffs thus far, however, Butler has been money on his jumpshots, connecting on over half his threes (though on low volume - 1.8 3PA/game) and 42% of his midrange shots (again, low volume - 12 midrange attempts) so far.
As an overall scorer, Jimmy is:
    • A hyper-competent and -active cutter (8% of his possessions, 97th percentile efficiency)
    • Fantastic in transition (12% of his possessions, 92nd percentile efficiency)
    • A competent post-operator (7% of his possessions, 80th percentile efficiency)
    • A passable PnR finisher (36% of his possessions, 56th percentile efficiency)
    • Solid in isolation situations, likely buoyed by his very good rim-finishing (10% of his possessions, 68th percentile)
    • Below-average scoring from spot-up scenerios and handoffs
Despite his jumpshot having deserted him in the regular season, Jimmy ekes out efficient scoring options via drawing fouls and very solid rim-finishing in transition, isolation, and by cutting often and decisively. To quote Zach Lowe:
(Butler) can blend into a broader offensive system as a shoulder-checking cutter, and supersede that system when the situation requires.
Accordingly, 41% of Butler's buckets are assisted, an extremely solid rate for a primary ball-handler who had a non-existent jumpshot during the regular-season, that showcases his off-ball activity as a ferocious cutter.
  • 🟢 Free-throw rate that would make Shaq blush
Jimmy Butler's foul-drawing rate this season has been, to put it mildly, something of an outlier.
Butler is 29th in the NBA in Points/game (19.9), but 5th in the NBA in FTA/game (9.1), and just to emphasize how absurdly often Butler's been finding his way to the line relative to his total shot attempts, here's a fun little table comparing Butler's FTA/game and Points/Game to the league's other elite free-throw-attempters: [TABLE].
To try and add even more context, Free Throw Rate (FTr) is a very simple statistic that gives the ratio of free-throw attempts to field-goal attempts.
Just to ballpark the sort of numbers we expect from high-volume free-throw shooters: famed foul-shot-aficionado James Harden's FTr this season is 0.528, meaning that he averages 0.528 free-throw attempts for every field-goal that he takes. (The Beard's career-high was 0.592, set in 2013.) Paint-destroyer Giannis Antetokounmpo has a FTr of 0.508 this year, and low-post monster Joel Embiid has a FTr of 0.543. A pretty dominant fella who went by the name of Shaquille had a career-average FTr of 0.578, averaging an incredible 0.653 in a 5-year span from 2001 to 2005.
Now, keeping all of this in mind ... Miami Heat All-Star wing Jimmy Butler's Free-Throw Rate, in the 2019-20 season, is 0.693.
(If you're wondering, Butler has more than managed to maintain this in the playoffs too -- after 6 games, Jimmy is 2nd in the entire playoffs in Free-Throw Rate, posting a ludicrous 0.810 FTr.)
  • 🟢 Good playmaker
First, some numbers: 6.0 Assists/Game, 7.5 Passer Rating, 7.4 Box Creation. Miami have a fairly strong offense (+1.9 rORTG, 6th) which improves by +4.1 points with Butler on the court. Per Basketball Index, Jimmy is in the 91st percentile for playmaking among wings.
For a few seasons now, Jimmy has been a very solid passer and playmaker. Mimicking another former well-known Chicago wing who went by the name of Michael, Jimmy is a low-turnover player (career 1.5 TOV/game; this season: 2.2 TOV/Game, excellent 2.73 AST/TOV ratio). He is a decisive and relatively low-error ball-handler and shot-creator, hitting bigs and shooters well off PnDHO-action. Butler manipulates defenders with his eyes to unlock shots for teammates, and is also adept at punishing help defenders who have to react to his bruising drives to the rim by kicking to shooters and dropping it off to cutters. He's developed especially good chemistry with Bam (25% of Butler's 6.0 AST/game go to Adebayo), Duncan Robinson (who receives 17% of Butler's assists), and rookie Kendrick Nunn (18%).
Some clips of Jimmy's playmaking: (Source:
  • 🟢 Excellent defender
Jimmy at his peak is easily an all-league defensive talent, with tremendous instincts and effort on D, generally remaining incredibly active on that end both on- and off-the-ball. Miami's 12th-ranked defense (-1.0 rDRTG) improves by 1.0 points with Butler on the floor. Butler’s defensive awareness is top-tier, as is his lateral quickness - he's comfortable chasing speedy guards around the court; Jimmy is also uber-switchable for his size, guarding positions 1-4 at least 18% of the time each, and guarding centers for 10% of his possessions, when switched onto bigs in Miami small-ball lineups. Jimmy is in the 82nd percentile of post defenders, fantastic given his position, and players shoot a whopping 4.4% worse on 3s when Butler's the closest defender, demonstrating his defensive engagement and closeout-speed.
To again quote Evin:
(Butler's) ability to stand up powerful post-up players, coupled with the quickness to stick with the shiftiest wings, and the instincts and IQ to know when to stay down and when to jump to contest, make him a dynamite defender... (he) frustrates opponents with foot speed and anticipating with active hands, he’ll blow up pick and rolls, or send his man one way only to remarkably beat him to that same spot. You’ll see jumping in passing lanes, but you’ll also just see him holding his ground a lot; in one, he even holds Melo off with one arm while grabbing the rebound with the other. His intelligence shines through when he avoids getting screened and when he forced ball handlers into help.
Butler is quite disruptive off-ball (7th in Deflections/Game, 7th in Steals/Game, 13th in Steal-%, 14th in loose-balls recovered/game), often jumping passing lanes or making crisp rotations to cut off offensive angles. He's also a plus-rebounder for his position, snagging almost seven boards a game; the Heat's defensive-rebound-% spikes by almost 3 percentage points with Butler on the court. He's generally very engaged on D, providing hard closeouts to shooters (players shoot almost 4.3% worse from 3 when Jimmy is the closest defender) and providing help when the primary Miami defender is beat. Along with Adebayo, Butler is one of the main reasons Miami's defense is still better than league-average even though their lineups prioritise shooting over defense (see: Robinson, Herro, Leonard, Olynyk).
Most defensive metrics (taken with a spoonful or two of salt, of course) think of Butler as a very solid positive on defense (+1.0 to +2.0); Basketball Index has Jimmy as the 4th-best Wing Stopper at Passing Lane Defense, and ranks him in the 90th percentile of perimeter defenders in the league overall. It also has him in the 71st percentile as a defensive rebounder, and in the 47th percentile as an interior defender.
Here are some clips of Jimmy's defense:

🔴 The Not-As-Good:

  • 🔴 Inconsistent jumpshot
Butler suffered the 7th-biggest drop in the league in perimeter shooting grade from last year to this year (per Basketball Index). Famously, he was the least efficient jump-shooter in the league by eFG% in the regular-season.
As mentioned, though, his jumpshot has been very respectable in the bubble for now, albeit on very low volume.
  • 🔴 Room for improvement in some areas of scoring
Namely: spot-up shooting, handoffs, and PnR scoring, all likely related to his regular-season shooting woes.
  • 🔴 Some areas of playmaking
From my very limited film study (~15 games), Jimmy doesn't seem to try advanced passes often (though that might be a Miami Heat scheme-related issue), rarely slingshoting cross-court skip-passes to corner shooters like LeBron/Luka/Trae do (please correct me if I'm wrong, Heat fans!). He can occasionally miss cutters while hunting for the kickout pass for 3. Butler's delivery can sometimes be a bit wild or inaccurate as well.
  • 🔴 Some areas of defense
Jimmy's activity does dial down on occasion. He also lacks size/strength/length to defend larger wings consistently, and his gambles can blow up on him at times too when he's springing passing lanes, with the player he's supposed to be guarding getting an open 3 or cutting to the rim as Butler isn't there to recover in time. Jimmy is also vulnerable to size at the rim - despite posting one of the best block rates in the league for a guard/forward, these are mostly on smaller players and he doesn't seem to influence shot attempts at the rim too much in general - opponents shoot almost 6% better within 6 feet of the hoop when Butler's the closest defender. It appears that Butler's pick-and-roll defense also has some room for improvement as he may have trouble negotiating man and ball sometimes - he's in the 46th percentile in defending PnR ball-handlers, which isn't terrible, by any means, but is still far from elite.
  • 🔴 A few regular-season clutch woes
Jimmy shot 45.1 TS% in the clutch this season, with a -10.4 individual clutch net rating, while Miami as a team were 24th in clutch net rating.
However, the team still broke even in the wins column (18-18) and had a 14-10 clutch record when Butler played.
In addition, I say "regular-season" for a reason (keep in mind the usual "low sample size" asterisk, of course): Miami have been the 4th-best clutch team in the playoffs by net rating, winning all 3 of their close games so far, while Jimmy himself is sporting a blistering hot 88.7 clutch TS% and +29.8 clutch net rating at the moment, with an absolutely scorching +137.5 clutch offensive rating.
  • 🔴 Few durability questions
Jimmy G. Buckets (the 'G.' stands for 'Gets') has played >67 games only twice in his 9-year career.
HOWEVER, he's been very available for the Heat this season, missing 'only' 11 games.
Indeed, Butler played heavy minutes in his last playoff run for Philadelphia (38mpg in 2nd round) as well, performing admirably in a razor-close loss to the eventual champion Raptors in the 2nd round (22/7/6 on 56ts%, +1.0rTS%, vs Toronto), very nearly pulling through a Sixers team otherwise starved of late-game offensive-creation into the Conference Finals.

That's it for today, thanks for reading!

(P.S. Here's Butler's playoff career-high 40-point performance against Milwaukee in Game 1 for your viewing pleasure: LINK.)
heres some other things I've written (if you're interested in this sort of stuff or just wanna pass the time while waiting for the games to begin)-
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RAV4 Prime SE: One month of driving, impressions, data, and one issue. AMA?

RAV4 Prime SE: One month of driving, impressions, data, and one issue. AMA?
(EDIT: Got distracted, didn't finish a thought about electric rates and total costs. Fixed it!)
(EDIT 2: BIG wow on the gold! Thank you, kind redditors!)
(EDIT 3: Don't edit on mobile, you'll break your post. Just logged back onto my computer to fix it.)
(EDIT 4: Thanks for all the support, folks. I've edited my awful data representation because I added new data, and I'm adding to the Fuel Economy and "Why on earth..." sections with some stuff I've learned.)
(EDIT 5: This guy does a great job talking about suggested maintenance and what not to do with a Prius/RAV4 Prime. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THIS. He talks about a lot of good things like actually using the ICE, good charging habits [which are also in the Prime's manual], tires, proper use of charge mode, etc, and there's some good discourse in the comment section about battery health.)
(EDIT 6: I swear, the amount of edits I'm doing will be as long as the original post soon. Maybe I'll make a resources section. Anyway, this guy did what I wanted to do to test the fuel system. I say watch the whole video, but I've linked to the end where he goes through the numbers. He drove in HV mode (with a full battery backup) with the car telling him to refuel, implying it was nearly out of gas. He drove for about 70-80 miles, and when he filled up he still had just over a gallon of gas left in the tank. This lines up with my experience of the one visit to a gas station. This car is insane.)
Howdy all! I'm new to the club, and this will be long.
On July 31 (a day before his birthday), I retired my grandfather's 1999 Ford Explorer (RIP, 3/6/99-7/31/20) after driving it for 5 years after his passing, and traded it in for a shiny new 2021 RAV4 Prime SE. In this thread I'll talk about my buying experience (context: USA, East Coast), present a little bit of data I had collected, and the only glaring issue I have with this car. I've driven over 1000 miles already (had to drive for a work trip, which was a great way to refine the HV fuel economy).
Feel free to ask questions, and I'll answer as best I can! I'm not gonna talk too much about the specs and overly technical stuff, because plenty of great videos exist that explain it better than I could. I want to bring this a little more down to earth for us normal folks and our normal people concerns.
Disclaimer: My only experience driving a "new" car was in 2017, doing a short drive in my mom's new Jeep. I have a sense of awe and wonder at some of the features modern cars have, because I haven't had them. Also, many people in my family have had Toyotas over the years (many RAV4s both ICE and Hybrids, some Corollas, an early Highlander Hybrid come to mind), so I knew I was pretty partial going into this ordeal.
Most of the pictures I've used to collect my data can be found in this Imgur album (which I made before making a proper Imgur account, so I can't edit it. Sigh.)

Buying Experience

The dealership I bought from had one (1) SE delivered earlier than planned. Another dealership in the area also only had one (1) SE, but with different upgrade packages. There was less than $1.5k difference between the models (IIRC). The one I bought included weather and moonroof package, all-weather floor liners (good because winter), roof rack crossbars (not necessary, but always nice to have), frameless homelink mirror (basically buttons for garage door openers on a snazzy mirror), and the protection package (includes edge guards on doors, mudguards on the fenders, etc).
The dealership experience was mostly good. The staff was courteous and friendly, and even the finance officer was honest and blunt with me about stuff I could get cheaper elsewhere, or stuff I could sign up for later if I want it. The big downside came with the rarity of the car: There was very little negotiation available in any aspect, and the dealership included an "Adjusted market price" increase of $5000.
Yes, you read that correctly. According to them (and I had also heard of this through a few sources), many other dealerships had a much higher markup which would put an SE with comparable upgrade packages over $50k before any taxes/fees. With limited availability, I didn't really have a choice. I tried to play the game, but the three different people I talked to at the dealership (salesman, manager, and finance) basically all said "yeah, no." It was pretty frustrating when they were like "what can we do to make this sale for you?" and I replied at least three times "you can make the price what was on your website, for a start." (The website showed the MSRP, plus upgrade packages, with a line through it. When you clicked on the button to get a deal/more details, it said that you already had the best price. They claimed it was bad website design, I told them straight up it was a nice case of false advertising and they should get their act together.)
I used my trade-in value (not much, but I was able to negotiate it up a bit) toward an extended warranty (jumps from 3-year to 10-year, I think, which I felt was worth it given how much driving I do), and put down a healthy down payment with reasonable financing through a local credit union to cover the rest. I know that the situation will change once I receive the tax rebates (The Prime qualifies for the full $7500 federal rebate, and my state offers a $1000 rebate).
Am I a fool for going through with this ordeal? From most points of view, absolutely. But when you drive a 21-year old car and have to fill it up 2-3 times per week (pre-COVID) at the tune of $40-50 per fill up, it's time for change.
But I mean, she's so pretty.
The actual email I got from the dealership. It here, indeed.
And there she is, safely at home.

Features I like

I didn't know you could have heated seats that aren't leather or leather alternative. I've also never heard of a car having rear heated seats. Color me surprised when I found out that it's got it all! The weather package also included a heated steering wheel, which is great because I don't mind bundling up for the cold, but my fingers typically are colder than the rest of my body.
I'm a musician, specifically a bass player, and if there's one thing I'll splurge on it's good sound. Because I got the SE, I didn't have the option of upgrading the audio system. Honestly: I didn't need to. The stock system sounds great to me, and I don't think the extra inch on the infotainment display would make a huge difference.
Also, the big reason that this vehicle stood out to me is because there aren't a ton of options for hybrid/PHEV SUVs that get good mileage. I need the cargo area to haul music equipment from time-to-time
The ability to switch between Normal, Eco, Sport, and Trail modes satisfies my need to control the AWD of the car. My Explorer let me choose between 2WD and 4WD. Before the Explorer, I drove a Mitsubishi Montero which let you choose 2WD, 4WDH, 4WDL, and 4WDL with locked center differential, and that car had literally saved my skin in some nasty winter weather, as well as some infrequent off-road usage. Obviously this is different than that, but the absolute shift in the feeling of driving in the different modes is awesome (Note: I haven't needed to use Trail mode yet, and I'm not doing that on a paved road). I've only used Sport mode a few times while driving on the interstate back from work, and I absolutely love it.
I primarily use Eco mode (the whole point of me getting this car was to save money on gas). Sport mode, to me anyway, is just for fun. With those two options, normal mode is just kind of "whatever" and I'll probably never use it. If I have a need to use Trail mode, I'll update the post.
I was literally ecstatic when I saw a traditional style shifter in here, and not just a twist knob to go between gears. Also, having the manual shifting option is always a huge plus to force yourself into lower gears during winter weather.
Ignore the AM radio stations listed, I've just had that piece of paper forever.

Things I Wish Were Different

The 6.6kW onboard charger as a standard (only available as an upgrade option on the XSE), and Level 3 charging capabilities (DC fast charging). The SE is limited to a 3.3kW onboard charger. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has all 3 levels of charging for a base price comparable to the SE (yes, I know it gets less EV miles). I get that this is Toyota's second foray into PHEVs recently, so I genuinely hope that they add it as an option in future model years, but it's a shame it wasn't available this time. I feel like it will really restrict the practicality of using public charging stations, since even at a 240V station it would still take 4.5 hours for a full charge. Realistically, I suppose if you're at one all day at your place of employment then it's good regardless. But if you're going to just be at a parking lot/garage for an hour, or if lower power charging is the only option, it's almost not even worth it and you may as well drive home in HV mode.
(Note: I don't have the option of charging at work, and there aren't many options for public charging stations near me. The nearest one is a highway rest-stop that has a bunch of Tesla chargers on one side of a huge lot near the building, and a single 240V charger far away near the tractor-trailer parking. Even with an adapter the Tesla chargers, if I understand it correctly, would literally blow up my car because I don't have DC fast charging. No thanks.)
The "Auto EV/HV" button is very self-explanatory: If you press that button, you drive as an EV until the car decides it needs some extra oomph and switches to HV mode. And then when it doesn't, it'll switch back. That's how I normally drive. Excellent work, Toyota, 10/10.
The "EV<->HV, Chg Hold" button is not as intuitive because it FORCES the car between the two modes and holds it there. My big gripe is the second function, which makes it sound like you switch to HV mode just to hold the charge of the EV mode. In reality, if you hold the button it tells the car to use the motor as a generator to charge the batteries. This was explained very poorly at the dealership to me, so I had to figure it out for myself. If you want to burn the extra gas while you're driving to try and charge the batteries back up, go for it? Otherwise, I'd just drive in normal HV mode.
No fog lights? Seriously? Is that still considered a "premium" feature?
A better way of capturing driving/fuel economy data would be grand. See the next two sections.

Typical Driving, Fuel Economy Data

As far as money spent, electric rates in my area are around $0.12/kWh (including all fees, charges, etc.). With the 18.1kWh battery pack, that equates to about $2.17 for a full charge. Less than the cost of a gallon of gas ($2.30-2.50/gal near me) to go 45 miles, or whatever. And that's such an insignificant part of my electric bill, especially considering that I don't empty and recharge it every single day (thanks, COVID?). Unfortunately I live in a rental, and can't have too many nice things. But if you have solar panels, wind power, or an absolutely electric connection with Zeus, well, it's basically free miles. And if you can recharge at work, it is literally free miles (for you, sort of). Also, imagine the money you're saving on not having engine wear. When do I get an oil change, anyway?
(EDIT: Please get regularly scheduled service and maintenance. Watch the video I linked at the top.)
Anyway, for those not familiar, the dashboard looks something like this. Super intuitive, gives you great information, please ignore the EV battery being depleted.
Dashboard when the car is on.
Dashboard when you turn the car off.
So from that screen, I compiled a bunch of information (not consistently, mind you), and wanted to share that performance data.
EDIT: Something important to note with EV mode is that by having the fan/air conditioning on, even with ECO heat/cool is that it will reduce your estimated EV miles on the counter by one or two. If you just turn the A/C off, the fan icon disappears and you'll typically get an extra mile. It's not much, but if your goal is to maximize EV driving, every bit helps. My running average, as you can see from some pictures, is 2.9mi/kWh. With an ~18kWh battery, that math works out to a suggested 52.2 miles of EV driving, but I'm sure I really am losing a few miles between climate control and idle time while driving.
Context: My typical commute to work is about 39-40 miles one way, and the coffee shop is in the path of my normal commute so it doesn't add anything substantial, maybe like 200 feet of driving. Because of this commute, I pretty much burn through my battery on my way down, maybe I have a little left to start my drive home.
EDITED 10 Sept, 2020 to include new data/better charts. Sorry that this is a chart for ants.
Added a few more lines of data.
Don't ask why the EV ratio bar is so big, I have no idea what's happening in Excel. Changed this so that EV ratio is a bar associated with each drive (as it should have been) and total economy is a set of lines.

Why on God's Green Earth Would I Represent Data This Way?

Because the the infotainment display doesn't save the information in a helpful/useful way. You've probably noticed that absolutely enormous jump in the last two data points. That's because in trying to use this awful system during my a recent drive, I basically erased my MPG and reset the counter. What this did was save the total economy for a "trip" and then start tracking it from scratch. At the time, I was driving in HV mode, and when I parked at home it was at something like 53MPG (jumping from 0 all the way up into the 60s and then back down).
What was interesting was when I did a short, all EV drive the next day, which meant I got "99MPG" (I wasn't using gas, so...) which just brought the average way up across so few miles. I'm sure this will start to drop once I do a few longer drives that drain the battery or switch into HV mode. I'm not sure if there's a recommended frequency at which you "update" your fuel economy history, but maybe I'll play around with it more in the future.
Well that isn't helpful.
What the heck am I even looking at? What does the placement of those E's mean??
I rest my case. But I'll try to do better next time. Having EV Ratio as another bar made it feel really cluttered, but I realize now that having it the way I do is objectively worse. I was tired when I made it and probably meant to have Total Economy be that kind of chart. FTFY.
Whatever. You get the idea. The car is awesome.

So What's The Big Bad?

It's the fuel tank.
I believe that the Prime suffers from the same fuel tank issue as the recent year Hybrids (i.e., cannot completely fill the tank). I drove the car down to basically nothing left in the tank (gauge on E, "3 Miles" left on display), and then refilled it and could only fill up to 11.7 gallons, when the car has a 14.5 gallon tank. Based on the efficiency of the car, 3 miles left would literally be running on fumes left in the tank, when in reality I had a little under 3 gallons left. It isn't the worst thing in the world, but because of the sensor being tied to the gauge and the mileage counter, if I hit 0 and keep driving I have absolutely no way of knowing when I'm gonna run out. I believe I read somewhere that a guy drove his Hybrid for another 120 miles after hitting "0 miles." I don't want to take that chance, at least not without a full charge of battery as a backup. And even then, *shudder* EDIT: Go watch the video of the awesome dude who literally did this and could not empty his gas tank after driving around for 3 hours, it's back up at the top.
Here's my proof that I \"emptied\" the vehicle as much as possible. Yes, I did this on purpose.
Here's after refueling.
And here's my receipt from my only visit to a gas pump this month, which has a lower number than I've seen since my childhood for a \"full tank\" fill up of an SUV.


Let them work out manufacturing kinks, fix the gas tank issue (if that's a huge deal to you), and finalize the charging to at least have the bigger charger on both models (ideally add Level 3), and GET ONE.
If you need me, I'll be driving around silently.
EDIT: Here's a neat thing. When I bought the car and charged it for the first time, I had 33 EV miles. It crept up to 40 after a week, and has slowly crept up even more, and I was recently greeted with this when starting up. (Edited again because it GOT BETTER.)
Not too shabby, considering the battery is rated for 42 EV miles. Also, my mi/kWh finally bumped from 2.9 to 3.


Here's me with the Explorer, parked right next to the Prime. Sorry for the garbage quality, not sure what was up with my mom's phone (she was there to sign over the Explorer). Had a grand total of 179,188 miles, and was still going pretty strong minus some oil leaking and a questionable startup every now and then.
Would you believe that this thing was in a fender bender that chewed up the front bumper and messed up the hood? The dealership didn't either. But CarFax is good at what they do.
Goodbye, old friend. :(
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Resources for travel in Switzerland.

Not a single trip report, but more of a collection of experience and lessons from many trips. I don't think I have posted this here before, it might be useful in this very long planning period.
Most of my travel here as day or week long trips has been solo travel. This is probably as safe and easy a solo destination as you are going to get. People hiking or biking across the country by themselves is commonplace, eating isn't a group thing like in some countries, and other than maybe a few activities that require a booking with a minimal group size you won't find yourself excluded from anything. I have never had any problems (though as a white male it might be easier for me to avoid them, I can't speak for other demographics).
The only real factor for me regarding solo travel here has been that if you really want to meet other travelers then it will be much easier at a hostel in a more popular area (ie Interlaken/Luzern/Zermatt) than if you go off to other forms of accommodation in the lesser known regions. There are hostels all over the country, but many (especially the YHAs) tend to attract domestic Swiss tourists of various ages rather than an international scene.
The Swiss are not going to embrace you like a family member, but are friendly in their own way. I have never had a problem getting help (even without a mutual language), sharing tables at relaxed places like mountain restaurants is quite standard (once all the empty ones are partially occupied), and sometimes they will be very chatty in a way that still surprises me sometimes. Speaking the local language makes it much easier to get talking with people, but English often works everywhere (too well given that I still have issues getting people to talk to me in German sometimes).
My own guides
More travel related:
  • Travel in Switzerland in general in two posts: new (mostly specific thoughts on places), and old (more general information on the country as a whole).
  • Imgur album/info posts: This is the larger one which has detailed info/links and is still slowly evolving, and I also have this older one which is more basic and locked. This is a list of popular posts on social-media and what they actually are.
  • More detailed blogs on more major tourist spots: An overview of the tourist spots in general (link), and Jungfrau region (Lauterbrunnen/Grindelwald/Mürren/Wengen) (link), and Luzern/Rigi/Pilatus (link), and Gruyères (link), and the St Beatus caves (link), and Zermatt (link).
  • Cheap/affordable travel in Switzerland: link
  • When to visit/what conditions to expect: link
  • Transport in Switzerland: link.
  • Scenic train rides: link.
  • The most beautiful villages: link.
  • Hiking in Switzerland: link.
  • Cycling and mountain biking in Switzerland: link
  • Winter in the Alps for non-skiers: Link.
  • Visiting the UNESCO sites in Switzerland: Link.
  • The trip taken by JRR Tolkien that inspired parts of the Hobbit/LOTR: Link.
  • Unique/interesting Swiss festivals: link, with a sidepost on the surreal madness that is Fasnacht.
  • Swiss food and drink: link.
  • An idiots guide to buying a Swiss Watch: link.
Responses to often posted topics:
  • Are there any ugly places in Switzerland (yes): Link
  • Misc. points like why is the grass so perfectly mowed in photos and so on; link.
  • Lauterbrunnen FAQ: link.
  • Blausee: link.
  • Gelmerbahn, the “high-speed rollercoaster; link
  • Villa Vals, the underground “hobbit” house: link
More living related:
Misc tips:
  • Swiss vs European power plug adapters - not always compatible! If you have an EU plug it might not fit into a Swiss socket, but newer ones should do (roughly speaking when the two prongs are 4mm or less in diameter, and 14mm apart they should work in both the EU and Switzerland).
  • Cable cars typically stop running at around 5pm (but can be until 10pm or so if it is servicing a village like Mürren). This is especially deceptive in summer when it stays light until much later. Check when the last run is, the internet is full of stories of people who found themselves with a long walk down in the dark.
Internet - practical
Many of these also have a phone app version which is worth having.
  • My Switzerland. The official and very extensive tourism website. Just about any information you could possibly need about anything is on here.
  • Wikivoyage. A bit hit and miss: the overview and coverage for places like Zürich is fantastic, but many places are lacking in useful or any info.
  • Local tourist areas all have their own websites. Usually in both summer and winter versions, giving you info on: conditions, what is open, ideas for what to do, etc:. Eg: Jungfrau region, Zermatt, Appenzell, and so on.
  • You can get regional travel passes which cover all transport and cable cars in specific areas (Eg: the Jungfrau region, or the Tell pass around Luzern). Likewise there are endless passes for museums etc in each region.
  • SBB. The website (and also app) for the train network covering buses, boats, and cable cars too. Timetables, ticket info, and pass info. It is sometimes better to look up the timetable for seasonal things like cable cars and boats on their own websites (eg: BLS boats on Brienzersee, or cable cars in the Aletsch region) as when they don’t run the SBB just gives a vague “can’t find the connection” notice. They do various travel passes, though it is best to carefully calculate your planned routes or figure out if it is worth it It is worth looking for the off-peak “super saver” tickets which limit you to a certain train but can cut the price in half (and if you have the half-tax this cuts the price again, to as much as 75% off).
  • Official accommodation (which should include Airbnb) will offer a guest card in many tourist areas including free/discounted local transport and activities. Typically this is just in the town/village and places 10-20 minutes away (eg for Interlaken), but in the beautiful and underrated canton of Ticino it covers the entire canton.
  • Aside from the standard options for finding rooms you might also want to look into other options such as, and . Many smaller independent options (especially farms and rural hotels) are not on etc and you will have to find them by trawling around on google maps. This could help if you really want to stay in a certain area but everything is booked out, but many of them have a very basic setup so you might need to phone up or fill in a form on their website.
  • Another option that might be worth considering is the Swiss Hotel Card, a 99CHF per year subscription that offers half priced hotel rooms. This is limited to participating hotels and doesn’t apply during the high season, but could easily pay for itself with just a single night or weekend. I have yet to try this, but the range of locations looks like it could be quite good for domestic travellers.
  • For more rural hut and farm based accommodation: , and , and , and . Some like offer the chance to sleep on straw in a barn.
  • Alpine huts are run by a few different organisations. The SAC website is the best starting point.
  • Camping. Standard campsites: , , and In addition there are a few websites where you can officially find a small patch to pitch up on a farm , and on too.
  • Wild camping is complex. The best way to sum it up is "Prohibited but tolerated under conditions". This SAC page has the most official guidelines. There are some pointers for the ideal situation (the more you follow the better): above the treeline, with the community / landowner’s permission, not in a protected area, single tent, set up as the sun goes down and dismantle at dawn, no fire/noise/disturbance/litter. Wild camping has increased in popularity in recent years, iconic spots like Seealpsee are having problems with numbers, so try and pick a less known spot.
  • Switzerland Mobility. Detailed map showing all official routes for hiking/biking/skating…. With lots of short and long suggested routes. If you sign up for the (paid) Pro version then you can plan routes on the map with detailed height information and pretty good time estimates. for example.
  • (mobile app - Swisstopo). The official govt map is amazing. Quick to load and use on desktop or mobile. You can toggle useful overlays like hiking paths (in some ways better than Mobility above as the levels are shown and the contrast makes it much clearer), and just about anything else from geological features to ski runs, you can even switch to historic versions of the map going back to the mid 1800s and watch the country grow. It will even convert any section you like to PDF for easy saving and printing. All for free.
  • When actually out and about I tend to use on my phone which has rather good coverage of the footpath system and addresses/businesses. That said it does have some big gaps in some areas. I wouldn’t use it for advanced routes, but to check my position and where a certain side path might take me it is mostly very useful. The directions feature sometimes gives good advice and sometimes decides that a perfectly good bit of path can’t be used and that you should take a 3 hour detour. The time calculator does not take height change into account, so do not trust that either.
Internet - culture
  • Swiss Watching - Diccon Bewes (2010). Switzerland seen through British eyes. A very readable and enjoyable introduction to the history, people, politics and areas of the country by someone who has lived there for years. Ideal reading as a traveller. There are some over generalisations but given the scope and size it mostly does a good job. If you read anything about Switzerland make it this. He also has a Google-talk video which is basically a condensed version of the book
  • Slow train to Switzerland - Diccon Bewes (2013). The author retraces the first Thomas Cook tour of Switzerland and shows how much has changed since then and by the rise of trains and tourism. A very interesting read for the history and travel ideas.
  • Around Switzerland in 80 Maps - Diccon Bewes (2015).Yet another Diccon book, though this is much more history and culture than travel based. At a large 33x23cm it isn’t travel friendly either, but it is beautifully done with a range of well reproduced images and interesting information. It is accessible and interesting to everyone, but I would say this book is most enjoyable to those who already know the Swiss landscape, history and culture to some extent already. The TedX talk that he does on the subject is rather good.
  • The Bergli publisher, which Diccon is part of, have quite a few light hearted books about Swiss culture and Switzerland.
  • How the English Made the Alps - Jim Ring (2000). A history of how the development of tourism, climbing, and winter sports played a major role in the development of the Alps. Not just Switzerland, but it is a major focus of the book.
  • A Tramp Abroad - Mark Twain (1880). FREE EBOOK. Satirical and absurd account of his travels in Europe. The Swiss part is often hilarious. As above is interesting to see just how much the country has changed since then. Several places such as Weggis-Rigi and Zermatt-Riffelberg have Theme walks in the approximate places where he walked himself. A tramp in this sense is to walk, not the homeless person as most people other than the Kiwis might assume.
  • Sherlock Holmes - The Final Problem - Arthur Conan Doyle (1893). FREE EBOOK. A quick and easy read of Holmes' "final" adventure ending at the Reichenbach falls by Meiringen. He oversells the waterfall somewhat though I must say.
  • The Magic Mountain - Thomas Mann (1924). Inspired by and set in a Davos mountain health retreat. No comment as have yet to read it.
  • Heidi - Johanna Spyri (1881). FREE EBOOK. The classic kids book which seems to be something of cliché and sales-device these days (for a start you can visit a fake Heidi house in Heidi village). It is only partly happy alpine adventures, and often rather painfully moralistic. Read until she is put on a train to Frankfurt and that should be enough.
  • William Tell - Friedrich Schiller (1804). FREE EBOOK. Performed every year in Interlaken amongst other places. Frankly it is really blood boring - the whole thing can be summed up that the Swiss are good christian brothers, and the Austrians are utter wankers.
  • Bill Bryson passes through in his 1991 book “Neither here nor there”. While still mostly a good read, being almost 30 years old the info is rather outdated in parts. The country has become much more lively since then for a start.
  • La Place de la Concorde Suisse - John McPhee (1984). A very out-dated but in some ways interesting read looking at Swiss military thinking and culture back in the 80s. The attitudes and situation are very different now over 30 years later. This is only really worth it if you really want to learn about that bit of Swiss history. It also commits the cardinal sin of having numerous bits of French scattered about the book but with no translation provided, which is really bloody annoying.
If your German is good then:
  • Von Casanova bis Churchill - Barbara Piatti (2016). A series of articles about famous visitors to Switzerland.
  • The publisher Emons does local Krimis. If you like a nice murder or two to go with your hiking spots. The quality is good enough but the writing is not going to win any literature awards.
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Are you wanting to buy the 2K games that released today but are confused about the file sizes? Here's my guide!

XCOM 2: Collection
BioShock: The Collection
Borderlands Legendary Collection
If you find any information that I didn't get, please reply and tell me.
Thanks for the gold and the "thank you" award!
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My ranking of K2 planets [MANY SPOILERS]

Y’all seemed to like my review of K1 enough, so here’s the sequel! However, I’ll do these in countdown order, and I recommend you read this start to finish instead of jumping straight to the end. In general, planet quality is a vast improvement in general over K1, but something K2 lacks compared to its predecessor is the feel of planet-hopping. Though it may seem obvious, K2 loses most of its interplanetary side-quests and progresses much more in block terms, the few exceptions being using the Thorium Charges on Dxun, Geeta’s shop on Nar Shaddaa, and of course gathering the Jedi on Dantooine. With that in mind, I’m ranking them entirely on their own merits as self-sufficient planets. That being said, here we go!
Unranked: M4-78
It got scrapped from the original game and even the restored content attempts couldn’t save it. As tempting as another whole planet may be, it’s not worth the extra level-ups. Don’t download it. Just don’t. Grade: incomplete
12. Onderon
Onderon bores me. The starport visa quest is a good example of limited resources in war, but the fact that there are two visas for two light side recipients ruins the moral decision-making process entirely. As far as murder-mysteries in the KOTOR world go (and they are quite good), the Captain Sullio adventure comes off as little more than running and talking in a very unrealistic manner. By the time you come back to storm the palace, you’re incredibly overpowered and beyond rich in components, chemicals, and credits, and you don’t get to choose which side of the royal conflict to support as I believe it’s determined automatically by your alignment Embarrassed declaration: this is apparently not the case. Apologies, meatbags.
The fact that little changes with the restored content mod makes you realize that Onderon was never going to be good in the first place. However, there’s a point to it all I’ll touch on later. Grade: D
11. Telos-planet
I’m splitting Citadel Station off from the rest of Telos by virtue of how dissimilar they are. At first glance, the planet is great: Atris’s academy and the restoration zones are both very solid levels. I also maintain that the skirmish with Czerka mercs is the hardest fight in the game, plus Bao Dur’s question of sticking to the beaches, the highlands, or just attacking the first wave of mercs doesn’t change plots—he’s talking to you the gamer as opposed to you the Exile. It’s super deep and very contrasting—such is the nature of a planet forced to redo its nascence. So then why do I have Telos ranked so low? Because of the military base, possibly my least favorite level in both games. It has unfinished bugs, the most annoying poison traps in the series, and you’re stuck with Bao-Dur the whole time, but nothing, NOTHING compares to this asshole. I hate this Twilek sack of bantha poodoo more than anything in either game. He whines about leaving and takes forever to lead out, but if you’re a light side completionist freak like me, you have to do it. I just want him to get crushed by falling debris. In general, the military base tanks this otherwise solid planet and is just a phenomenal waste of time. Or at least, it is on your first visit… Grade: D+
10. The Ebon Hawk
Wait, whaaa? The Ebon Hawk is a world? In K2, you’re damn right it is. Following the release of TSLRCM, our favorite ship becomes a host to so much new inter-character content that you arguably spend as much time on it as you do any other world. Training your peeps, getting trained by the Handmaiden, working through influences, navigating the swamps of Kreia’s dialogue and grievances; it’s nearly endless. Additionally, the introductory level comes as a welcome shock, setting the theme of unrest for the entire game. Plus, everyone loves this incredible shot. The three major downsides are that you sometimes find yourself intentionally exiting and re-entering the ship over and over out of fear of missing these scenes (or to just get them over with), it’s possible to trigger Visas too early and get wiped out, and you can’t use anyone other than the Exile at its workbench. But even Kreia alone turns the Hawk into something it wasn’t in K1. Grade: C+
9. Telos-Citadel Station
I won’t lie: I absolutely love Citadel Station. It kills me to rank it ninth as I like some of the following worlds less, but them’s the breaks. Regardless, you catch a glimpse of the inner workings of the Exchange, see Czerka emerge from their disastrous missions in K1 fairly unscathed yet re-devoted to ecoterrorism, and get blindsided by the world of upgradeable armor and weaponry in the ways you which K1 had. Plus, being an underleveled government bounty hunter, diving into a smuggling ring, and teaming up to thwack a mob boss in cold blood are all a hoot. I also appreciate how well-structured Lt. Grenn’s struggles are due to running a recovering outpost in a recession (reflected in our current times quite well). The seriously annoying part is how you’re strapped for resources nearly the entire time and can’t afford much from the Dobo brothers. With the restored content, Dendis’s shop actually becomes relevant, but it’s moot at first with the high cost of light side play (especially the droid credentials). Sadly, swoop racing doesn’t hold over its significance from K1, and the Ithorians, while unquestionably The Good Guys, are annoying and clingy. And that’s me saying so. Grade: B
8. Dantooine
Note: Dantooine was utterly saved by the restored content mod. Without it, it wouldn’t crack the top ten.
More than anything, Dantooine represents the importance of change. You fly there expecting a warm welcome upon its postwar restoration, but exit into calm chaos and a horde calling for Jedi heads. (If you’ve never reloaded a file after accidentally triggering the Redemption sidequest in the pre-TSLRCM years, you’re lying.) Even if you pick the light side and save Khoonda, it’s clear there’s no going back to the K1 days of councilhood. But I’m getting ahead of myself—with change comes choices, and Dantooine is filled with so many from so few quests. The conflict between Zherron, his subsidiaries, and Azkul’s mercs stretches through the entire planet, isn’t entirely black-and-white, and can be resolved in more specific ways than I can think of. There is some familiarity, though: the kinrath cave is back with even with some fantastic crystalline improvements, Vrook still Vrooks all over the place (I love that old sourpuss and am an Ed Asner fan to begin with), and possibly the most amusing moment of the entire game when you turn a corner inside Khoonda and discover who else but Adum Larp, somehow having survived the bombardment in K1 only to get richer at the same time. However, what’s different (and neat) is if you traditionally come here first after Taris, you still don’t have a lightsaber after the battle of Khoonda, so it gives you that much more experience with modifying melee and blaster weaponry. The temple scavenging is goofy fun, despite my strong dislike for Mical as a whole—SoldieConsular is incredibly hard to use effectively though you can turn him into a tank if you do it right—and his dialogue comes off as someone who studied KOTOR lore and fanfic in our world rather than a historian in its own. Atton would make a way more worthwhile hubby. Either way, you leave a restored Dantooine with a sense of accomplishment and progress rarely seen in the rest of the game, confident it will carry on having laid its ghosts to rest. It’s such a great planet. Grade: B+
7. Korriban
What? Korriban is seventh-best?? But Merv1618, you ranked it the best planet in K1 by a mile! Yeah, I did, and its sequel still delivers. In K1, I drew the line for “really good” worlds at two—Korriban and Taris—but couldn’t include fewer than seven in its sequel. Korriban a significantly shorter planet than the other worlds listed, but you could argue that its gameplay content per unit time is the highest out of all planets as there isn’t a single minute there you’re not on your toes. Walking in on a dead Jedi is one thing (RIP my boi Nemo), but her icon name being “Master Lonna Vash” forces the dissonance between her being alive, dead, or an object, resulting in (at least as I see it) a feeling of utter loss. You hear about Katarr and its casualties over and over again but here is the first time in any game where you see the twisted, bloody corpse of a significant Jedi Master before you. It’s heavy. That’s the true glory of Korriban: it takes your memories of K1 and, unlike Dantooine, lets them rot in front of you. When you reach the tomb of Ludo Kressh, all the familiarity of the shyrack cave—vanquishing the evil within while saving the doubting students—dissolves into an incredible psych thriller capped off by perfect dialogue with Kreia about how you doubt if the journey into your past was worth it to begin with (What good and evil?) and you stumble back onto the Hawk needing a few hits of Juma, or at the very least a bag of spicy Takis. Between all that and Kreia’s comically eerie history lessons from the ship, Korriban is a phenomenal dungeon of a world. I wish it weren’t such a short planet given the game-long importance of Sith teachings, except something tells me that would completely ruin its feel. Korriban, you got us all again. Grade: B+/A-
6. The Ravager
OH MY GOD THE RAVAGERRRRRR. Y’all, this is the best example of how a ripoff and a sequel differ. It’s not just a reworked Leviathan, it’s a perfect culmination of how the Mandalorian wars directly fed into the new Sith triumvirate and in turn led to its dissolution. Forcing a party of the Exile, Mandalore, and Visas gives the level an incredibly refreshed feel (especially for Kreia-Atton purists like me in my teenage years), and unlike the Leviathan which is filled with the hum of an active Sith Empire thriving for life, the Ravager is consumed by a feeling of death and decay. Blowing it up is almost a blessing, putting a shattered hull out of its misery. In many ways the line blurs as to whether the Ravager is an extension of Nihilus himself or if he has become his ship—the two merged into one entity kept in a state of living death by the Force. Without one, the other couldn’t exist, a being of metal and will, long since having abandoned flesh. It’s so good. My only complaint is that the first visit to the proton core almost gives away what’s going to happen next, but it’s the only blemish in an amazing confrontation level. Grade: A-
T-4. Dxun I don’t even know where to start with Dxun. It has everything. Preserved scars and recordings of the Mandalorian War’s inception, a long-term look into Mandalorian lifestyles, and all the jungle hunting you can want. I personally love the “gut every canok you come across” quest because random searching has always been one of my favorite game aspects (though Lt. Surge’s trash cans do get old after a few tries). The fighting ring is a real pain if you don’t have a physical character, the zakkeg could be harder to beat, and it’s a little annoying that AFAIK you don’t get any interaction between Mandalore, T3, and HK, but all in all Dxun is a great long-term exploratory world. All this, including the Sith ambush, would make for a solid B+ planet if it weren’t for…
…the tomb. Not just a tomb, but the tomb. Ludo Having to pick a party of secondary characters to raid a Sith ceremony in a two-on-one operation is IMO a better twist than Revan in K1 (though it’s true I never experienced the latter), and its writing—seeing Kreia act in earnest as a leader is a rare treat. I love simultaneous plots as well as playing the lead as someone other than the MC, and Dxun absolutely delivers. This moon was where the Force was guiding Kavar, not Onderon; the reason Onderon is kinda bleh is because it’s mostly devoid of significance for the purpose of the game, and what Force is left in Talia and Vaklu’s bloodline is mostly gone by this point. Onderon was a red herring for Dxun the entire time, which is why the crash landing was so much more than a plan of Vaklu’s army. During the tomb raid, you feel as a gamer how Dxun itself is alive, not merely housing the life on it. That is how you make a Star Wars world. Grade: A-/A
T-4. Malachor V
Malachor is a confusing planet. Without the restored content, it’s just “go this way, avoid the baddies,” followed by “go this way, kill the baddies,” leading to a somewhat very confusing ending after the logic of “everything is Malachor V” gets copy-pasted throughout the entire game. With the restored content, things make much more sense, especially because Kreia gets so much more of her Force philosophy back and the other characters echo it much more noticeably. At first glance, the Trayus Academy comes across as little more than a place to test out your final character’s skill, and the resolutions between Hanharr and Mira and G0-T0 and the Remote add to the theme of destiny being only what you make of it; fate doesn’t give every action on its path inherent meaning. However, that is exactly the point. All roads leads to emptiness on Malachor V, and when you get there and slaughter your way to Kreia, everything is just…done. Game over. You wanted fights, you get them. You wanted a crazy strong lightsaber crystal, you can get it too. An option to kill your party? Why not. And of course the eternal questions: “Kreia, why me? Why the Jedi? Why was I kicked out? Why everything?” “Idk bro, I was pissed and you were there.”
It’s all what Kreia wanted—silence for the herself and Exile, and in its execution you the player get that same experience as the Exile. The heroic build-up to save the galaxy from…something? ends in silence. Hope you enjoyed the thirty-plus hours of your life you plugged into this game. It took me over a decade to realize that Malachor V is so much more than some storm beasts, a Wookie, and a bunch of corpses with lightsabers, and it’s probably why we all keep coming back to K2 in general. The game takes an incredible amount of patience to understand, and it comes with a more nuanced ending than K1’s and I absolutely love it. Granted, the slugfest it takes to get there makes it an arguably less enjoyable world than some of the preceding entries on this list, but that’s the price you pay. Of course, the final fight is significantly easier than its predecessor’s but that also more or less falls in line with the theme of lackluster showdowns. Though somewhat predictable even from the beginning, the fight with Kreia is much more satisfying in a gloomy sort of way as opposed to “you saved the galaxy you gosh darn bunch of heroes.” I think that’s what makes Atton’s cameo at the end the perfect cherry on the cake. His feat makes him impossible to kill in battle as long as you’re alive, so why should he ever stop showing up? Grade: A-/A
3. HK factory
It says a lot that you hear as much about the HK factory on the forums as you do before playing it the first time. The factory is a level apart from the rest of the game with airs of Star Trek, Asimov’s writing, and Taika Waititi’s directorship all rolled into one. The observable cutscenes showing the HK-50 mindset for interaction and torture are flawlessly executed (yuk yuk), and you finally understand the mindset of an assassin droid and his desire to propagate himself and carry out deeper goals. After playing it (properly), the only possible conclusion you have as a gamer is HK is just as alive as anyone else yet he gives meaning to his life in a way which humans can’t provide, the Three Rules be damned. However, if you’re not playing with a guide, you have a genuine fear of not knowing what to do for the vast majority of the level. There’s no going back, and you better hope you took the time to build HK’s up properly, armor and weaponry aside. The factory very confusing, even frustrating, but it’s the level HK has deserved since K1 and also gives you a reason for jacking him up and letting him mow down everything in his path. Its ultimate irony is that although it’s the crown jewel of TSLRCM, its context is incomplete. The folks who put it all together are truly heroes but I really wish they took the extra time to put in the scene intended from the start where Bao-Dur takes HK down to the surface of Taris and sacrifices his life to let him raid the base. Otherwise, his disappearance is still unexplained, and nobody knows how HK got there in the first place. But man, does this level capture the mind of an assassin droid in the way we all wanted for years, and it finally gives justification to that abominable military base. Chef’s kiss. Grade: A
2. Nar Shaddaa
Atton’s not alone in having primal cravings for docking on the Smuggler’s Moon and just running wild. Much like Dxun, Nar Shaddaa feels alive, having endless interacting, linked options to the point where the sheer volume of side quests can overwhelm you to the point of unbelievable frustration. You see,
clears throat
THAT’S THE POINT. Nar Shaddaa is chaos itself, and it was written to give the gamer a fraction of the feeling that the Exile and Mira feel whenever they open their minds in the refugee sector. Diving into the inner workings of the Exchange, a pazaak quest which is actually meaningful, being a mediator for organized crime bosses (I like big Hutts and I cannot lie), an incredible “oh crap, things got set into motion” quest through the Jekk’Jekk Tarr through pit fighting and then casually fly up to sabotage and destroy Goto’s ship. You fully realize Atton’s depth of character and get to build my single favorite fighter in both games: high-dex dual wielding Mira (giving her sabers is pointless IMO). I always make sure to have two pumped Watchman Blasters in my inventory before going to meet Visquis. There’s too much going on for this world and every second of it is amazing, especially the entire droid-run planet subplot. If you’re a completionist stressed about missing something, you’re probably right! Deal with it! You get something new out of it each time you play, And all that goes without saying that while TSLRCM saves Dantooine from being buggy mediocrity, it takes Nar Shaddaa to new heights. If there is any flaw on this planet, it’s that you sometimes have to light-side kill the guards to help Aaida if you don’t fail the intimidation check. This planet is so, so amazing and it’s only…second?? Grade: A+
1. Peragus
Fight me.
Or better yet, hear me out. If you followed my instructions and read this post top to bottom, you’d know that as I see it, K2 is built around the concept of each planet replicating its Force effects on the gameplay itself to make you, the gamer, literally feel some of what the Exile feels on each planet. Kreia herself breaks the fourth wall in her justification of the level-up concept, saying the more you kill the stronger you become, thus leaking more power into your opposition, most notably the Sith assassins. I absolutely love this concept, but how do you start it? Confusion and numbness, that’s how.
At first glance, Peragus seems like your usual amnesia introduction where you work out your surroundings. Well, yes, but this is a Star Wars RPG. The idea of waking up alone and abandoned isn’t new, but K2 teaches you the new fantastic game mechanics by throwing you into what’s easily the best murder-mystery plot I’ve ever worked with in a game—Bolook on the Dantooine bridge doesn’t even compare. Even after meeting Kreia, Atton, and T3, you can’t shake the feeling that there’s some greater presence to the mining colony, that evil is watching over you or just around the next corner. You see more droids trying to kill you, hallways with droids rigged to explode, and corpses of officers surrounded by droids, which all beg the question, ”Who’s behind this?” Not what, but who. And as you fight to answer these questions, you learn more, and you grow. Your progress allows you to understand your surroundings in tandem with your own mental and combat abilities. When you finally learn that it was the HK-50 running the show under mysterious orders, it sets in motion the narratives of the entire game: unlike K1, nobody knows who the enemy is; humans are secretly more used than droids; and most importantly, the past echoes. It echoes in the Peragus logs, it echoes on the worlds touched by the Mandalaorian wars, and it echoes within you. All because it needed somewhere to go.
The entire game is filled with questions—What’s really behind these attacks? Why am I the one in the middle of it? Am I really the last Jedi? Why am I influencing everyone around me? and perhaps the biggest: What is the Sith, anyway?—and they’re all set in stone on Peragus. Everyone thinks that the destruction of the colony triggered the events of the game, but it’s only because you wake up there and proceed to feed on the planet in a bizarrely similar way to Nihilus. You wipe out the droid sentience, take Atton, Kreia, and T3 with you, kill the Sith which came with Sion, and vanish indifferently into the night, waking up with one doozy of a Force bond hangover. Additionally, Force bonds finally mean something beyond “y’all have a destiny,” easily one of the weaker points of K1 if you didn’t romance Bastila. As explained on Malachor V, who needs destiny when you have convenience? It all started on Peragus.
And let’s talk about the Sith. Yes the scene where you gun down Sith troopers is a little sudden and silly, but that’s basically the level’s only loose string. Otherwise, you and Atton are exploring a scarily empty planet and then someone docks out of nowhere in an otherwise empty ship which reeks of death: the amusingly-named Harbinger, which I see as a foreshadowing of the Ravager as opposed to Sion, while presenting itself as a haunted foil to the Endar Spire to delightful effect. The new Sith assassins fit in to the game’s theory of gaining and reflecting power through battle beautifully—when you consider how Sion is easily a Sith Maurauder and Nihilus a Sith Lord, Kreia is left to be the capital A Sith Assassin, so she understands them as she understands herself—they’re almost certainly her own creation. Thus, her own inner conflict is mirrored by your bond in fighting these new guys, gaining power in equal proportions with you and Kreia. The game makes no secret that Sion is a chief Sith or that Kreia used to be his master but uses an incredible cycle of villainy and deception to keep shifting the focus from who’s pulling the strings to why are they being pulled. There isn’t a single goal akin to defeating Darth Malak; the game is focused more on understanding what’s happening than conquering evil because life doesn’t really have these epic narratives; power ebbs and flows. If all you want to do is thwack the Sith or thwack the Jedi then the game itself would naturally seem like it starts and ends incredibly dull, which brings me to my last point:
I always hear people call Peragus boring, and I’m calling y’all out: it all makes sense if you take the time to understand the logs and pay attention to what’s going on behind them. You don’t play K2 like woo vibroblade go brrrrr, you play K1 like that. The initial mystery plot is wonderfully written and you level up just enough to appreciate how every game mechanic you wanted in K1 has been added to K2, coming out of the haze in step with the Exile, being made aware that this isn’t the straightforward Star Wars RPG of yesteryear. The KOTOR games are by nature untimed, but Peragus especially is a world where you’re given free reign to explore every detail of what’s going for your own betterment on because the entire game is spelled out for you on that mining station if you know where to look. That is the beauty of Peragus and that is why it’s the best world in the entire series. Peragus 5eva. Grade: Yoda
You’ve probably guessed that I prefer the sequel to the original, but it’s impossible to appreciate it without having first played K1; this is exactly how sequels should be, and lord knows we all have some extra time to play it these days. I’m still trying to get through Solomon’s Revenge right now and y’all it’s so darn weird. Thanks for reading!
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[PART 1/5] 50+ things I have tried out to improve my channel , now getting over 3000 views and 10k watch time per day [12 month analysis conclusion]

Hello everyone, I have been a part of NewTubers from almost a year now, and in that time I have picked up a lot of knowledge and ideas from here. These next five posts (this is part 1.) are going to be my new contribution to this community, and a way to give back some tried and tested tips, tricks and ideas about improving your channels.
This is going to be a very long post, and in five parts, so please take your time in reading it, save it for later and try to process it part by part so you can get the most use out of it.
This is my third post on this subject, with the previous two written at the 6th and 9th month of my year long journey of giving my channel my best try at success. I will post the links to those posts as I get to their appropriate place here.
The 50+ tips, tricks and ideas that you are going to read about here are not all mine, but I have tested them all in the last 12 months thoroughly. Some I found here, and other places online, some I saw in other creators videos and some I came up by myself, often while siting in the toilet.
I kid you not, some of the best ideas I have had in my life popped into my head in that little room. It must have something to do with leaving the worries of life at the door and just thinking freely about the nature of life. I bet there are science papers written about that strange effect of the toilet. But let's get back to the main point of this post.
To give you some context about my channel and the data I will be presenting:
  1. I am not a native English speaker, but all my videos are in English, viewers rate my accent 4/5
  2. I started back in 2011. but had numerous off times, lasting from a month to a year, last one being over a year long
  3. For the last 12 months I have made 200+ videos(one every 1.8 days)
  4. I have spent an average of 4 hours per day somehow working on my channel, my skills and understanding of my audience and YouTube's rules
  5. I have a gaming channel with the emphasis on tutorials, how to videos and guides. Add to that let's plays, previews and first look videos of new Indie games, performance benchmarks, and some gameplay/montage videos with minimal or no comments
  6. At the moment of writing this post I have 2,827 subscribers and 660+ videos
  7. My channel has been monetized since 11.05.2019.
Analytics for the last 28 days say:
I think that about covers it? If you have some other metric you would like to know, feel free to ask
Three months ago I wrote this post about my progress:
Best channel and video practices/tips, update from 3 months ago. For the first time my channel is getting +100 subs a month, and for the second time 100k minutes watched.
Back then the 28 days analytics look like this:
While 6 months ago, I wrote:
31 things I tried out to improve my channel, getting 75% more views, 300% more likes and 450% more subs [6 month analysis conclusion]
Back then the 28 days analytics look like this:
Now I will write down all the things I have tried in the last 12 months and I will talk about each one and it's effectiveness, and the ultimate results of it, for my channel, that I could see and analyze. This first part will explain 1-10.
This is a list of what I have tried out, bellow is a list with the explanations:
  1. Changed my thumbnail design
  2. Redid thumbnails for many of my old, but active videos, according to the new design
  3. Redid titles and tags and added very long descriptions to old videos, same as new videos
  4. Analyzed tags of videos which are on the same subject as mine but have more views
  5. Made many playlists, some videos ended up in as many as three playlists
  6. Paid a friend, professional designer, to create my new channel banner and logo
  7. I now try to show off the best parts of the video in the first 30 seconds
  8. Added a call to action, visual and voice over to almost every new video and picture of my channel logo
  9. Used the analytics to tailor my video release times to when most viewers where online (now YouTube analytics shows that data)
  10. Made new, updated versions of my already popular videos
  11. Collaborate with other content creators in form of script editing, idea sharing, video ideas brainstorming etc. [part 2. ]
  12. Started to record audio to separate files from video so I could edit only the audio
  13. Learned to use a more advanced video editor program, now I use more options
  14. Got a better microphone, but still dirt cheap, and added a sock onto it
  15. It was a really hard but I got the filler sounds "umm" and "err" out of my speech
  16. Used Google doc to be able to write scrips where ever I go and on the move
  17. Started to use the community page on my channel to let subscribers vote and to remind them of an already posted video
  18. Analyzed each of my most successful videos and took their framework to make new videos
  19. Created my own rules what to make and what not to make based on what worked in the past
  20. Set up a default END for every video with a black screen and a thank you/like/sub note
  21. Did my best to mention another of my videos in each new video and interconnect them
  22. Answered to comments with a welcome to my channel even if I saw that the person didn't subscribe [part 3. ]
  23. Answered 99% of viewers comments
  24. Created my own schedule, but not made it public
  25. Made 4 videos a week, then cut down to 3 a week
  26. Added a subscribe icon of my channel to the end screen, along with next video card, best for viewer card and a playlist card
  27. Added 3-5 video cards during each video
  28. Added my own comment on every new video and pined it to engage the viewers
  29. Added my channel logo as a watermark in my videos
  30. Asked for viewers submissions to feature them on my channel
  31. Engaged my viewers in multiple ways during a video
  32. Had an intro, removed it, made a new intro, removed that one too
  33. Started a blog on games and gaming industry in general and linked my YouTube videos to it [ part 4. ]
  34. Turned my blog posts into scripts for videos
  35. Posted comments on other channels, with videos which are similar to my own
  36. Created multiple giveaways
  37. Join a number of subreddits both valuable vaults of knowledge and information, like this one
  38. Join a number of subreddits simply explained as "get more views" spam anthills
  39. Made a Facebook group for my channel
  40. Posted my videos on specific subreddits
  41. Posted my videos on my Twitter account
  42. Posted my videos in specific Facebook groups
  43. Posted my videos in specific Discord channels
  44. Posted my videos on specific forums and threads
  45. Posted screenshots or thumbnails on Imgur and Pinterest, + links to video when possible
  46. Posed on Steam client, game specific discussions
  47. Created game guides on Steam client, written long text into which I add screenshots and links to my videos [part 5. ]
  48. Linked my videos to Steam game pages, asked my friends to like them so they would be placed at the top of the Most popular (week) page (which is the default page)
  49. Reposted my most successful and my best made but not successful videos on weekends and during specific events to all social media
  50. Read forums, discussions, subreddits, discord chat and other places where people ask about problems in games so I could get ideas for videos and link my own videos as answers
  51. Started making video lists of new games upcoming in 2020 and beyond
  52. Writing directly to Indie developers and getting in touch with them about getting press keys for games, interviews, news
  53. Joined programs to get free Indie and small studio's games, before or at release times, payed for AAA from my pocket
  54. Used Tubebuddy free version, and the most expensive version in the trial period to analyze my channel and videos
  55. Used free version of VidIQ to do the same things as with Tubebuddy
All right, time to go into more details, and see what benefits these 55 things had for my channel:
  1. The new thumbnail design.
I took making these far more seriously, installed GIMP (software) and learned many options by trial and error + guides).
Thumbnail design is something that keeps evolving but a few things have proven, over the course of two hundred videos, to be universal in increasing CTR:
a) 2-3 words max
b) text taking up 30% of thumbnail so it can be easily red on the mobile phone (you can test this by simply zooming out to 1/16 of your screen when making it in your software).
c) high contrast between the color of the letters and the background. Heavy use of shadow or second layer of black/white letters behind the original text offset by a few pixels.
d) every part of the thumbnail must be different size, if you have logo/text/character(face) set sizes to at least 50% difference, for example 1:2:3.
f) use large single objects as the main thumbnail picture, anything that has too much detail, and is made up of many tiny sections is hard to see and understand, especially on small screens
g) place your own channels logo on the thumbnail so that your content becomes recognizable. Especially if you make a lot of similar content. Because if at an end of a video, a viewer get's recommended 12 thumbnails and your logo is on 4,5,6 of them, you look to be the leader on that subject. People respect that and see you as an authority on that subject.
When I compare my most viewed videos, which gain most views from search hits, I can clearly see that now I have 12% CTR compared to the ~7% on the old videos, and these are both tutorial videos, so same type just different game. Here is a link to some of my latest thumbnails:
  1. This leads us directly to my second point, redoing thumbnails for many of my old, but active videos, using the new design.
I did this for dozens of videos, and EACH saw improvement in CTR. Some +1% others double the old CTR. Another great benefit of the higher CTR on older videos is that they already have many views, good watch time and with the improved CTR they get suggested more, to the right audience, and that improves the CTR even more which then gets your more watch time and views and so on, you get the loop. This is a great way to get a steady improvement on a good video and keep getting views. If you have many old videos, it's hard work, but it pays off.
  1. Another thing I changed is how I write titles, description and tags.
Here is an example of my older videos:
Title: Elder Scrolls Legends Introduction by Perafilozof.
Description: "A short introductory video about TES Legends by me with some details about more videos in the future".
Tags: Elder Scrolls, Elder Scrolls Legends, introduction, perafilozof, gameplay, short, game, cards, drops, type, release, new, beta, explain, 1080p.
The video is from 9th of March 2017. to this day it has 71 views. Dead for years. It's painfully obvious in retrospective that I didn't know anything about Titles, Descriptions, Tags, SEO...
Now let's look at another video. Compared to TES Legends this game is obscure, it's an Indie game with low polygon graphics that has tens of thousands of times fewer players then the previous one.
Title: How to play Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Master guide and monster tutorial | Indie game
Description: ... well it's so long that it's pointless to copy paste all 3998 characters in here. But these are it's parts: a) 40 word explanation of what is the video about and what will the viewer learn from it b) 30 word explanation of the game's content c) Links to 3 of my previous videos, about this game or similar games, which I mentioned to the viewer during this video d) a playlist of my other videos of this type and another playlist of similar content f) follow me on Twitter + link, Join my Facebook group + link g) another 400 worlds about the game and it's features, content, lore, characters h) hashtags specific to this game #LegendOfKeepers#Dungeons#roguelite
Tags: Legend of Keepers 10+ times, but ends differently every time. Example: Legend of Keepers how to play, Legend of Keepers tutorial, Legend of Keepers monster characters. With a few different tags like: Roguelite PC game, New Indie dungeons game ...
This video was posted on March 19th 2020. and it now has 813 views, last 28 days 60% of views are from YouTube Search, 31% from External, with ~70% of that from Google search + 10% YouTube. Less then 9% is from ALL other sources combined.
Now, these two are examples of using a very broad word in the title: "Introduction" and "How to play". If I want to get more views, title has to be more specific, but also about something a lot of people search for.
Here is how that looks like in another video:
Title: Not enough Goods, Buyers 2019. | How to fix and prevent tutorial for Cities: Skylines | Guide #2. This is a popular game but not exactly AAA, from 2015. It has a massive number of players around the world. Rough estimate 15+ million.
Description: very similar to the previous video, but a large part of the description is my actual script which I used to talk in the video.
Tags: again, similar to the previous video: Cities: Skylines 10+ times over with variations: Cities: Skylines Not enough goods, Cities: Skylines industry problem, Cities: Skylines not enough buyers...
This video was posted on Jun 16th 2019. and it now has ~48k views. Last 28 days 44% of views are from YouTube Search and External 45% with ~38% of that from Google search and 61% from Other ( I am guessing this is from Steam community guides, where this video is linked to a massive text guide. More on this in one of the later points.) 4.4% suggested, 2.3% browse features.
I know this was a really long example but I think it's quite clear to you now what makes a video searchable and how they must be presented to YouTube with titles, description and tags for them to be shown as search results and get hits. The more popular the game the more specific you have to be with the content you are presenting to the viewer and data you impute into YouTube. I will talk about how to find subjects for videos with high potential views in a later point.
  1. Analyzed tags of videos which are on the same subject as mine but have more views.
This one can be done using the free version of VidIQ or Tubebuddy. Find a video of yours that you think is one of your best ones, and which has search potential. Search YouTube (using an incognito mode of a web browser, so you preferences are not used for the search) and find videos which have more views then yours but are on the same subject. Read their tags. Compare to your videos tags and change yours to be more inline with the tags, tittle and description of the video what has most views on that subject.
What this achieves is that you are making your video more obvious to the YouTube's algorithm as an answer to that specific subject people search for and ask YouTube. The algorithm does it's best to match users question, or a whole group of similar questions, to a video in it's database. Once one video becomes a go to answer for a question it's really hard to dislodge it. But what you can do is get your video closer to it, and to the question itself, by letting YouTube know, through tags (and even description and title) that your video is a good match as an answer.
Important note here: DON'T look at tags from videos made by the most successful Channels which don't match the question with it's title or tags. This is because those channels get massive views just by having massive base, startup views, from subscribers and people linking their videos all over the internet. That is why those creators don't bother with correct titles, tags or descriptions.
They get their first mass views from faithful audiences and then the algorithm boosts them on the basis of "It has lot's of views already". The thing is that you will rarely see these videos as search results, because they have horrible tags and titles but you will see them ALL the time in the suggestions box and page and other places the algorithm recommends them.
In conclusion, when your are "small" you have to do all the hard to work for your videos to get noticed. When your are "big" YouTube does the work for you.
  1. Made many playlists, some videos ended up in as many as three playlists.
This one should be known to you by now. Playlists can create good amounts of extra views. BUT! each playlist has to have a hook, a video that makes it worth watching, starting to watch at least. For example, my playlist with videos of previews of new games gets almost no traffic. Because each video is about something different, a different game even though they are all the same genre.
But, a playlist of tutorials about many games of a single game franchise gets views all the times. Why? Because people play more then one game in a franchise. They find my tutorials playlist, searching for one game in that franchise, then they decide to take a look at the other games in that franchise and since they are already there on my playlist they can do that right there and on the plus side learn how to play it at the same time.
And, of course, playlists made up of numerous tutorials about the same game get even more views. What is interesting is that you can make custom playlists that are a mix of tutorials and Let's plays.
So for example, you play a game, show it off, and then the next video is a how to start tutorial before the second episode. Then after the 3rd episode you set up a video that is a tutorial about some aspect of the game that you had a hard time in episode 3. I get over 1000 playlist views a month and 2200+ video views in playlists a month with about 6%(12+k minutes) of total watch time being from playlists.
  1. Paid a friend, professional designer, to create my new channel banner and logo.
My previous 3 banners and logos where my own creations and very poor in quality. A few months ago I gave my friend some direction, a basic idea of what I want for a logo and banner and he came up with this amazing new logo made up of two elements I chose. The banner is beautiful but I have come to a realization that I might have limited it's looks by being to specific so I will change that a bit.
Good thing my designer is my friend, so I won't have to pay for the update. But it's a good lesson. Leave your banner design as open as possible so you can do more different content and the banner will still represent you fully.
My personal suggestion is that even if you do rebrand try to keep at least a bit of the old design and incorporate it somehow into the new one so that you can trace your origins and keep that feel of constantly evolving, improving rather then just burning down everything and starting from scratch each time. This way you won't alienate your current subscribers as much when you rebrand or update your banner and logo design.
  1. I now try to show off the best parts of the video in the first 30 seconds.
This is an advice you should be very familiar with and you will have probably noticed it in other peoples videos. It's simple and it works! A big problem with audience attention is that you can get a big drop off after the first 1-15 seconds if you don't show and tell to the viewer why they should keep watching. This is especially true if you are making searchable videos.
Example : I want to know about the new Intel processor. I search in Google or YouTube. Chose a video and click on it. Then the person talking starts like this:
*"Hello Youtube(guys, etc.) welcome to ... where you can get all the latest about... don't forget I do streams on... I want to say thank you to... my dreams have come true and this new Intel Processor is so powerful and I will show of to you right after... "*
And I just clicked off. Some of you probably clicked off at "don't forget I do streams on". Or you jumped 2 minutes in but you jumped over something and now you are out of context, and now you would have to go back 20 seconds... and that is a mess.
What the person in the above example should have done is this:
"Hello and welcome to my dream come true where I use the new most powerful Intel Processor to date. With X many Ghz and Y cores which gives it an amazing score of Z in this benchmark and 300 fps in this X game. Let's see what gives it some much power..."
And then later once you have captured your audiences attention can you talk about other things like who is your sponsor, when you do live streams, what other videos you made and so on. On my own videos I can see incredibly clearly what was my voice over AND video intro just by the viewer attention analytics.
A big drop off after 1st second? I had a channel intro in that video. A large drip in viewer attention post 5th second? I was saying hello and some other things not related to the content of the video. Now I open with something along the lines of :
"Hello and welcome to my Y tutorial on X game. Here you will learn about Y, Z and X. This video should help you do X faster and get you set up in Y much better so you can Z."
Along with the voice over you have to have video clips, you best parts to show off in the first 20-30 seconds. My latest videos no longer have those huge dips in viewer attention after the first few seconds because there is noting to skip.
A note here is that you can have large dips in the first few seconds for other reasons as well. Clickbate thumbnail and title, posting/promoting your video on places where many will click but most will not be interested or problems with audio quality.
  1. Added a call to action, visual and voice over to almost every new video and picture of my channel logo.
Calls to action at it's core is nothing else then: "Please subscribe, like and comment my video" to put it simply. Why do you NEED to do this? Because people are generally lethargic (sluggish and apathetic) when watching something on their screen. Even if they like your content there is a high chance they will not bother to like, leave a comment or subscribe. Three things every new channel desperately needs.
You can do a call to action with a voice over and with extra visual effects, pictures etc. Some add their logo to the video at that moment. It sounds simple enough but doing this right is everything but simple. I stared to do this a while back, but I did a lot of experimenting. Different places in the video. Different sentences and visual effects.
There are a few things that I could call obvious about this after experimentation and analysis :
a) People don't like it done right at the start, at least not before you have explain what they will see, hear or learn in the video
b) people don't like it long or if it detracts from watching the video, the more seamless it is the better it will go over with the viewer
c) doing it at the end of a video will not get you positive results. Very few people watch videos to the end and very few videos are worth watching to the end.
d) The optimal placement of a call to action is right before or right after you pass on, give, the most important information that your video has, to your viewer. Before in the event your main point is at the end of the video and later if it is at the middle. This is because you want the Call to action to be seen and heard and these two are the places where the people who are watching your video will be most interested and at the peek of their good will towards you as the creator. I would advice NOT having this in every video and NOT having it at the exact same place(minute/second) every time.
  1. Used the analytics to tailor my video release times to when most viewers where online (now YouTube analytics shows that data).
This one is really easy and simple, and YouTube made it even easier now with the additional analytics table showing this data. My viewers are 30+% from the US. Another 15% from other English speaking counties. And 90+% of them are 18-44 years old. This makes their ON time a bit wide but I aim to release a video a few hours BEFORE the time they are going back home from work/school or have already arrived there.
For me, where I live, in my time zone, that time is at 14:00h, and I expect them to watch it between 17h-23h. And the cool thing? I was right on target. When YouTube rolled out their addition to the analytics, which shows you when your viewers are online my viewers are mostly online from 12PM-12AM with the highest numbers between 16h-21h.
This is something that can really help you post videos on the time of the day that has the highest number of people available to watch your video. The more views you get in that time the more likely it is that your video will do even better in the long run.
  1. Made new, updated versions of my already popular videos.
This one is a really important one. I have a few videos that are popular on my channel and as I started to work on my channel more seriously I took at look at them and analyzed them. I also went online to see if the subjects of these video is still active online on forums, Reddit, facebook and so on.
So, I picked one of my most successful, oldest and most active videos. It was about a single game and about a single game mechanic that was really hard to understand and which created problems if you didn't know how to play with it properly. In essence, very specific, and something people would actively search for during many years. I watched my old video, played the game some more and tried to do an even better video.
The old one was named: Let's Talk Not enough Goods, Buyers, Products and Materials in Cities: Skylines. It was part of a series of videos, all named: Let's Talk... then some specific gameplay mechanic. The description was 2 sentences and tags where horrible. It was getting about 40 views a day in 2019., and it's views had been constantly increasing since 2015.(it was getting 1-5 a day back then) when it was released. It had ~26k views in jun 2019.
So, I made a new video on this subject and named it: Not enough Goods, Buyers 2019. | How to fix and prevent tutorial for Cities: Skylines | Guide #2. I added 2015. at the end of the name of the old video. This video had a huge description, half of it from my script from the video. It had good tags at first, then much better ones as I continuously analyzed the traffic tab of the analytics and changed tags to be more inline with how the search was hiring it.
Thumbnail wasn't, and still isn't perfect, but it is simple and to the point. A few too many words for my linking, but the subject of the video is complex so there was no helping it. I promoted this video in a few places where people will have the most use out if. It started with 40 views per day and "stole" 50% of views from the older video.
The views grew constantly, each month 20% more then last month. After 4 months even the old video on the same subject started to get more views. And then... I doubled down. I made a 3rd video about this subject, but 3 times shorter, and much more to the point and mostly only about a single solution of the problem. That one grew even faster, 30% each month.
And all three videos where getting more views now. It's name was: How to fix not enough Goods | Policies Solution tutorial Cities: Skylines Guide #3. Today, the oldest video has 44k views, 150 a day, second one, 48k views, 600 a day, third one 21k views, 360 a day. To be honest, it's a dirty tactic, but it works like a charm.
As I was writing these explanations I realized just how long they where, so writing all 50+ in one post seamed like a bad idea for multiple reasons. This is why I have decided to post this first part, which contains all the introduction about this post, all 50+ things I have tried over the last year and explanation to the first 10.
I will try and post at least one part of this post each week. And I will interconnect them all with links to each other.
Thank you for reading, feel free to comment and ask. Do remember that this is all from my experience, and even if my writing style seams like I am telling you what YOU should do, it's only what my advice, from my experience, for you would be. You don't have to use it, you don't even have to agree with it. And if you don't agree with it, I would love to read why, it will help others to hear more opinions and experiences.
Have a nice day!
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Ultimate Skin Contest (+ theme list)

I'm a big fan of the Skin Contest mode but most of them are using quite boring theme's and feel just lame. Added a special theme list at the end, it has some weird one's but its better than 'RED' or 'MOIRA' everytime. This version is the most advanced because the judge has many different options. If you have a good judge it's really fun because you can have a whole contest where not only the skin matters. In my version voice line, spray and emotes also can help you win the game. Each round can give points.
  1. Skin: pick a skin that fits the theme
  2. Voice Line Contest: when it's your turn use one line that fits the theme
  3. Spray: pick one spray that fits the theme
  4. Emote: show off your emotes
  5. Conversation: last 2 players make a conversation by using voice lines to eachother
Every round you can score points (judge crouch near). I usually give 3 points for a perfect fit, 2 points for a good one and 1 point if it's okay. Judge can deceide. If you don't receive enough points you'll be dead. This points show up in the HUD but are kinda imaginary and just helpful for determing a winner, so you don't have to use it at all.
CONTROLS: Put the judge in SLOT 11
Amusement Park - Wizard - Factory/Industry - Village - Television Star - Time Traveler - Religious - Mountain people - Nuclear Energy - Colosseum - Garden - Fairy Tale - Sleepy - Traders - Illuminati - Afterlife - Traveler - Guillotine - Cursed - Secret Agent - Sacrifice - Prison - World War 2 - Helicopter - Necromancy - Bounty Hunter - Cult - Preacher - Haunted Building - Alchemist - Kobolds - Dungeon - Dinosaurs - Silence - Mushrooms - Celestial - Traps - Guard - Miner - Hallucination - Shooting Stars - Spiritual Temple - Stone Statue - Blood Sucker - Tomb of Death - Tavern - Doomsday - Dyed Hair - Abuse of Power - Stuck in Tower - Muscular - Confetti - Welcome Home - Picnic - Dream - Nightmare - Promised Land - Nostalgia - Treasure Chest - Invisible - Fresh - Vitamin - Wild West - Communism - Potions - Fortune Teller - 420 Chill - Bear - Drunk Robot - Easter - Druid - Election - Mutant - Sushi - Relaxing - Crossing a dangerous road - Gem Stones - Portal - Aliens - Shadows - Fabulous - Crystal - Magical - Insect - Zombie - Tiki - Mayan - Fancy - Mummy - Sand/Desert - Dragon - Extinct - Spider - Godslayer - Love - Ancient - Troll - Medieval - Cave - Jewel - Rebel - Shield - Amulet - Hacker - Spikes - Olympus - Spear - Leather - Claws - Slime/Slimy - Monster Hunt - Fruit - Teacher - Rainy Day - Music - Twitch Streamer - 10 IQ - Thief - Escaped from the Zoo - Garbage - Medieval - Isolated - Book writer - Harry Potter - Pokemon - Yugioh - Test Subject - Earth/Fire/WateAir - Avatar - Magical Boots - Maiden - Rotting Corpse - Clouds - Pirate Ship - Hunting - Baron - Parallel Universe - Wormhole - Radioactive - Crashed spaceship - Cloning - Agriculture - Pandemic - Birds - Howling - Mystery Machine - Story Teller - Meteorites - Dreamcatcher - Defiant - Shaman - Witchdoctor - Rituals - Galactic Invader - Infernal/Volcanic - Jungle King - Battle Bard - Toxic - Stalker - Peace Keeper - Blood moon - Death Machine - Chocolate - Spa - New World Order - Before the Fall - Myth - Identity Crisis - Art - From the Underground - Miracle - Market - Chaos - Confusing - Online - Saviour of the World - Umbrella - Kitchen - Quest - Rainbow - Puzzle - Prophet - Castle - Legend - Citizen - Elite - Pharaoh - Ancestor - Knight - Emperor - Spirit - Monarch - Survivor - Fist Fight - Secret - Werewolf - Shopping - Gambler - Creator - Leader - Solar - Disabled - Error - Your Mum - Old Fashion - Iron/Gold/SilveMetal/CoppeWood - Esports - Mechanic - Engineer - Classic - Anime - Ninja - Dangerous - Firework - Life Saver - Flower - Galaxy - Government - Camouflage - Protector - Immortal - Poop - Ugly/Fat/Sad - Money - Casino - Restaurant - Farm - Drug Addict - Wedding - Apocalypse - Angel/Demon - Hell/Heaven - Biggest Weapon - Strongest Fists - Longest Legs - Biggest Head - Smallest Hands - Biggest Belly - Most beautiful eyes - Strongest Armor - Serial Killer - Futuristic - Who is a millionaire - Who is Edible - Who stinks the most - Best Mate in Zombie outbreak - Who wins with Mario Kart - Who can't swim - Karen - Obama - Trump - Who would die first in a war - Most beautiful Dress/Pants/Hat - AntiVaccine - Glowing - Date with (hero) - Interview with (hero) - Graveyard - Your loud neighbour
TEAM THEMES (Spawn the Team rings and find a partner):
Man+Wife - Fitness Couple - Father+Son - Mother+Daughter - Animal+Owner - Death+Life - Poor+Rich - Light+Night - City+Jungle - Ugly+Beauty - Indoor+Outdoor - Western+Eastern - Clean+Dirty - Killer+Victim - Professor+Expirement - King+Queen - Worst Enemies - Colour+Colour - Identical Twins - Friendzone - Dream+Nightmare

I hope you will enjoy a upgraded and extensive skin competition mode!

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android how to add icon in options menu - YouTube Trade Like Pro - Best Binary Option Strategy Easy Way To Earn Money Every Day Part 4 How To Use Support And Resistance Lines When Trading ...

The Calculator option on the platform. This feature may be useful for traders that prefer the Martingale strategy and need to recalculate the investment amount constantly. It may also be handy for those who stand by the 2% rule and want to be precise in their calculations. “Last amounts” Open fownloaded file and put the IQ Option icon into Application folder: iqoption dmg put file to folder. Open downloaded file and follow all the steps to install IqOption app: iqoption install dmg file. Login or register account on IqOption: iqoption login register account dmg file IqOption download Android .apk Platform settings. To personalize the trade room window at IQ Option platform, click on the settings icon in the lower panel of the chart or on the profile icon in the upper right corner and select settings.In general settings you can change: a time zone, select an interface language, select a color scheme, Do you prefer to use your mobile phone to trade, then log in through the mobile browser is really quick. Just as on the desktop you can go to the IQ Option website login by going to the home page But the difference is that on the desktop you will see the word Login placed on a button, where you on mobile-only will see an icon that shows an arrow pointing on a door. Opening the Portfolio on the IQ Option Broker app. You can check your open deals or pending orders by clicking on the portfolio sign. Your trading history is also located there, in the “Closed” tab.You can click on each deal to see settings that were applied, as well as the open and close quotes.

[index] [4975] [1828] [4956] [2142] [3375] [2278] [4742] [2945] [3216] [3712]

android how to add icon in options menu - YouTube

IQ Option - 🔶 How To Use Support And Resistance Lines When Trading Binary Options https:... I will show some live trades and i will use iq option real account. Please subscribe our channel and click the bell icon to get notification Subscribe for free telegram channel In this video i will show you a very easy way to earn money every day using Adnan Money Management Strategy. I will use iq option real account for live trade. iq option link :- ... If you like this video then Subscribe our Channel to Watch more videos like this and Press bell icon so you will get Daily Updates. ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.